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Please complete all required details to submit your order for the X590 Ride-on Mower at $15,660.00 ea.Special Offer: Normally $15,660.00 - X590 Ride-on Mower currently only $0.00 ea.

(Includes GST & pre-delivery ex branch. On-site delivery additional.)

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Order Cost:   1 off at  $15660 plus $-.-- freight each, for a total of $  

Payment & Deliveries

Details of payment options, methods and terms. Details of delivery & after sales service arrangements.

Mowers are available for pick up at your nominated Vanderfield Branch.

Any payment made on a Credit Card will attract a 1.5% surcharge. AMEX and Diners Club will not be accepted. Late payment will incur a late payment fee, charged at the published ANZ Business Variable Reference Rate, on the amount outstanding.


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