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Z500 Series Zero Turn Mowers

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The word is spreading fast.

The way to mow better faster is here. See the John Deere Residential ZTrak zero-turn mowers here, a full line offering “right-size” engines and mower decks to get the job done for properties large and small. Featuring Edge, Accel Deep and High-capacity mower decks so you can mow faster, better.

Z500 Series Product Lineup

Model Engine Power Deck Seat Slide Front Casters Rear tyres
Z525E › 17.9 kW (24 hp) ELS 121.9 cm (48 in.) or 137.1 cm (54 in.) Accel Deep (Deck Extra) Tool-free, fore/aft 13x5.0-6 22x9.5-10
Z535M › 18.6 kW (25 hp) Cyclonic Standard with 48" deck. Option up to 54" or 62" Accel Deep Deck Tool-free, fore/aft 13x5.0-6 22x9.5-10
Z540M › 25hp Kawasaki Standard 122 cm 48". Option up to 54" or 60" Accel Deep Deck. Tool-free, fore/aft 13x5.0-6 22x9.5-10
Z540R › 17.9 kW (24 hp) FS Series 121.9 cm (48 in.) High-capacity 137.1 cm (54 in.) High-capacity Tool-free, fore/aft 13x5.0-6 23x10.5-12

The Z500 Series of John Deere zero-turn lawn mowers is Vanderfield’s choice for when a quality cut is required, fast. With speeds of up to 15 km/h, decks ranging from 122-137cm, ergonomic levers that can be adjusted at eight different levels and the option to mulch with the flip of a lever, these ride-on mowers provide accuracy and speed in comfort.

Come to your nearest Vanderfield branch to talk to us about the Z500 Series of ride-on mower, or call us on 1300 VANDER We offer five models or zero-turn mowers to choose from in this series, with warranties of up to 4 years / 500 hours, depending on the model. And your purchase will also benefit from the Vanderfield Parts and Service backup.


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